Resilient Cardinia Shire champions wanted

Published: 5 May 2016

Resilient Melbourne is looking to feature Cardinia Shire community champions in their ongoing communications activities.

They are looking for individuals who have overcome obstacles (e.g. surviving a bushfire) and have bounced back stronger than before and/or are actively working in Cardinia Shire to build resilience (e.g. neighbourhood projects or foreshore conservation).

The key role of a Resilient Melbourne Community Champion would be to be interviewed for media stories and in other communications. Additionally, they could promote Resilient Melbourne messages through social media, if they wanted to. Champions will receive a full briefing from Resilient Melbourne and a kit with helpful information.

If you are interested in becoming a champion, complete the Resilient Melbourne Community Champion application form and send it back to us at

Through your stories and experiences as a Resilient Melbourne Community Champion, you will inspire, inform and empower others to follow your lead in making small changes that add up to a bigger Resilient Melbourne movement.

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