Relief and Recovery Grants: Phase 3 support package announced

Published: 14 May 2020

Cardinia Shire Council has announced Phase 3 of its $1.6 million Community and Business Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support Package.

The $130,000 commitment features Relief Provider Support Grants for local agencies and groups providing relief services, Community Connection Grants for community groups to strengthen community connections, and a Recovery Program to further support recovery activities within the community beyond the pandemic.

Cardinia Shire Mayor, Councillor Jeff Springfield, said the grants aim to provide support to our community during the pandemic, and to promote increased community connection and health and wellbeing beyond the pandemic.

“We’ve been working closely with our local service providers in supporting our community, and we know, that as a result of this pandemic, that the social and economic health of our community has been negatively impacted.

“Issues across social areas have increased and continue to rise.  Some members of our community are experiencing food shortages, financial hardship, and loss of employment. Family violence, homelessness, and increased poor mental health are all sadly on the rise.

“Through the Community Relief Provider Support Grants we want to help ensure the capacity of our relief partners is sustained. We want to provide further support to agencies ‘on the ground’, so those most in need, and our most vulnerable community members, can in turn receive the support they need.

“Council is also providing the opportunity to build greater community resilience, giving community groups the chance to apply for Community Connections Grants for projects that will work to boost and improve social and community connections.

“During these unprecedented times, council has an increased role in supporting those in most need.  We are also focusing on the longer-term social impacts and connections, and how we will come back together as a reunited community following the major impacts of the current restrictions, closures and distancing.

“Phase 3 of our Community and Business Support Package will provide immediate support to our local relief partners; increase community connection, health and wellbeing outcomes; and work towards delivering the future recovery needs of our community.

“Our Cardinia Shire community is very likely to experience these impacts for many months to come, and we want to be there to support where we can for as long as needed,” he said.

Community Relief Provider Support Grants are available to eligible service providers, agencies or groups that provide relief services in response to COVID-19. Eligible providers can apply for grants of up to $5,000 to assist in the delivery of COVID-19 specific relief the community.

Community Connections Grants are available for eligible community groups to apply for up to $2,000 to support initiatives that aim to increase community connection, reduce feelings of isolation, and improve social, physical and mental health outcomes for our community.

Residents experiencing financial hardship, seeking relief, or looking for further information are encouraged to contact council’s customer support team on 1300 787 624.

Further information, including the Local Relief Provider directory, is available at council’s Online Coronavirus Help Hub at:

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