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Recycling recommences

Published: 30 April 2019

Cardinia Shire Council confirms residents’ kerbside recycling processing has resumed.

 This follows SKM's Hallam transfer station re-opening after addressing stockpiling issues at this site and its other processing sites which caused the processor to cease accepting materials.

Cardinia Shire Mayor Councillor Graeme Moore thanked the community for their patience during the period which council had no alternative other than sending kerbside recyclables to landfill.

"We were very disappointed on behalf of our community to have to send recyclables to landfill in the short-term.

“Many of our community members are very dedicated to minimising waste and recycling – so we’re glad to be able to once again send recyclable materials to recycling processors,” he said.

He said the stoppage highlights the ongoing challenges facing Australia’s waste management systems and encourages the community to continue the great job its doing to ‘avoid, reduce and reuse’ before recycling or disposal.

Cr Moore added that Council will continue to explore long-term solutions and work with all levels of government towards achieving a more stable and innovative recycling industry to support our community.

Council’s contractors have resumed delivering Cardinia Shire residents’ recyclables to the processing site and there is no change to normal collection schedules.

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