Melbourne Drift Trikes meets with Council

Published: 25 February 2016

Cardinia Shire Council has held productive and positive meetings with the president of Melbourne Drift Trikes about the future use of roads in Galway Gold Estate Pakenham for drift trike activities.

This follows a request from the current land owner that drift trike activity stop as the land is now for sale. Although disappointed, the president of Melbourne Drift Trikes understood and accepted the current situation.

During this meeting, Council staff explained the complexities of finding a public road or Council land suitable for drift triking and outlined difficulties with some of the locations proposed by the club. To be considered, a potential site must be:

  • accessible (including for people with mobility issues)
  • compliant and safe
  • suitable for the potential installation of toilets
  • have adequate parking.

Other considerations included requiring permission from landowners (which may include multiple authorities) and finding funding to complete capital works such as asphalting and installing safety barriers.

There are currently no dedicated drift triking tracks in Australia or the world (as understood by the Melbourne Drift Trike club) and therefore multi-purpose tracks are the norm for a number of groups undertaking these activities.

Insurance concerns were also discussed at the meeting. Council gave no commitment to meeting these costs but agreed to explore external funding opportunities to support the group.

We were pleased with the meeting and all parties left acknowledging this work would take time. Council and the drift trike club are committed to working together.

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