Improved path network for Rix Road, Officer

Published: 17 May 2018

Cardinia Shire Council has completed the construction of a temporary pathway along Rix Road, Officer connecting the existing Rix Road and Bridge Road pathway networks.

The section along Rix Road has been a concern for Council and residents, and this outcome will provide both residents and students improved passage to and from the Officer School precinct and the Officer Train Station until permanent infrastructure is implemented.

Constructed by Council’s Operations staff who were able to capitalise on an opportunity to use some reclaimed and other available material, this pathway provides a low-cost, temporary solution to improving pedestrian safety.

This temporary path will remain in place until developers install services and access points for the adjacent developments. A permanent path will then be installed at the developers’ cost.

Unfortunately, ensuring the timely provision of infrastructure in developing areas continues to be a challenge for Council and we are continuing to work with developers to efficiently plan and deliver roads, pathways, services, and other amenities to newly developed areas as promptly as possible.

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