Temporary connecting path for Rix Road, Officer

Published: 9 April 2018

Cardinia Shire Council is currently considering options for constructing a temporary path linking the Rix Road and Bridge Road pathway networks in Officer.

With resident safety a primary consideration, this would provide a short-term solution to improving pedestrian access and safety until the permanent connecting pathways are able to be planned.

Unfortunately, without knowing where landholders intend to locate access points and underground services throughout the numerous developments in the area, Council cannot progress plans for lasting connecting pathways along Rix Road.

This means that any pathways constructed now will inevitably need to be removed to make way for implementing services and access points throughout the new developments in the relatively near future.

The timing and delivery of infrastructure in developing areas continues to be a challenge for Council. We spend a considerable amount of time exploring ways to balance the needs of the growing community now with making financially sensible decisions that account for the long-term implications of infrastructure development.

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