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Worrell Reserve, Emerald Neighbourhood Safer Place

Published: 23 February 2018

Worrell Reserve, Emerald will continue to be the designated Neighbourhood Safer Place in the event of an emergency while works are undertaken to construct the new Hills Hub building in Emerald.

Site establishment works commenced earlier in February 2018 and construction works scheduled for early-2018 to mid-2019.

Cardinia Shire Council is working closely with the Committee of Management for Worrell Reserve and the Country Fire Authority (CFA) to ensure access to the reserve remains available throughout the project.

In addition, Council has negotiated with the building contractors to employ a staged closure of the parking areas abutting the construction site, to maximise the amount of parking available at each stage of construction and minimise any disruption to users of Worrell Reserve, the Library and the community. Council will continue to monitor the site during this time.

CFA advises that Neighbourhood Safer Places (Place of Last Resort) are locations that may provide some protection from direct flame and heat from a fire, but they do not guarantee safety. They are not an alternative to leaving early or to stay and defend your property. They are a place of last resort if all other fire plans have failed.

For more information about the Neighbourhood Safer Place at Worrell Reserve, Emerald contact Council’s Customer Service on 1300 787 624.

For regular updates on the Hills Hub project in Emerald, visit or follow Cardinia Shire Council on Facebook (

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