Cardinia Shire Council welcomes Cardinia Digitisation Centre

Published: 4 December 2017

Cardinia Shire Council welcomed the launch of the Cardinia Digitisation Centre at the new premises of eCloud Business Services on the third floor of the Cardinia Shire Civic Centre, Officer recently.

Cardinia Shire Council CEO Garry McQuillan joined the CEO of eCloud Business Services (eCloud) Desi Lorand, Cardinia Shire Councillors, and visitors from a number of Victorian Councils to share the operational efficiencies possible through eCloud’s innovative inbound mail processing services.

Mr McQuillan said Council was excited to have become an eCloud customer and to lease its first available space on the Civic Centre’s third floor to eCloud to establish the Cardinia Digitisation Centre.

“We first came into contact with eCloud through the Municipal Association of Victoria (the MAV) and they were the only company that could provide a genuinely innovative approach for our needs. Over the past 12 months we’ve been working with them to automate all our incoming correspondence, including processing data, records, correspondence, invoices and information,” said Mr McQuillan.

Mail received by Council is run through multiple algorithms developed by eCloud that read, assess and then allocate mail into the document management system, creating workflows as needed by identifying the appropriate officer within Council to action the matter. With millions of records being processed per month for eCloud’s clients, the system’s self-learning nature is invaluable and means the process is continually improving and becoming more efficient.

“We are now saving 60 hours of work per week, have reduced the cost to process mail and improved the quality of our data. The benefits are wide reaching – we are ensuring staff employability into the future, improving the capabilities and efficiencies of Council, and achieving more with less – ultimately delivering better outcomes for our community.”

Welcoming eCloud into the municipality, with office space at the Civic Centre, also means extending employment opportunities into the community and potential student placement initiatives as the Digitisation Centre expands. eCloud values people and promotes a culture that aligns to Council’s own values; sharing a desire to grow jobs locally and support young people to enable them to commence their working careers by gaining valuable IT processing experience.

Mr McQuillan said: “We’re proud to have played a part in bringing eCloud to Cardinia Shire and look forward to the local jobs creation and traineeship opportunities that the Cardinia Digitisation Centre will bring to our municipality.”

eCloud was visionary in becoming a cloud-based services provider over 10 years ago, when cloud technology was just emerging. Starting out as a modest home operation on the dining room table of CEO Desi Lorand, the company now employs over 50 staff across Australia and New Zealand and has five Digitisation Centres. Today, eCloud is a market-leader in providing intelligent business information processing services. Using its own smart cloud-based services, eCloud can provide 24/7 online services to anywhere in the world.

CEO of eCloud Desi Lorand said the use of multiple Artificial Intelligence features in its services provides innovative solutions that are of interest and benefit to customers around Australia and internationally.

“Because eCloud provides its services over the internet, we can attract and support customers globally, and we are already working to establish sales resources to cover many markets around the globe,” said Ms Lorand.

“Our plan is to bring the support of our international services to Cardinia Shire and by employing local residents we will continue to service our customers knowledgeably and professionally from our base at the Cardinia Digitisation Centre.”

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