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Cardinia Shire’s 2017–18 Mayor and Deputy Mayor elected

Published: 17 November 2017

Central Ward Councillor Collin Ross was elected Mayor of Cardinia Shire at Council’s Annual Statutory Meeting on Monday 13 November.

Now in his 10th term as Councillor, Mayor Cr Collin Ross welcomed the appointment and expressed his gratitude and optimism for the coming year.

“It is an honour to be elected to represent our community as Mayor over the next 12 months. Having served as a Councillor for the past decade, I am eager to be leading this Council through its second term and to continue working together to achieve our Council Plan objectives,” said Cr Ross.

“As elected Councillors, we are here to represent and speak to the needs of our community. For me, the next 12 months as Mayor provide an opportunity to build people’s connection with the Council, so that we are doing just that.”

“I’ve lived and worked in Pakenham for over 20 years and as a family man with four children and a mortgage, I am passionate about speaking up for what matters to the Cardinia Shire community. I am looking forward to working closely with the community, as we continue to make Cardinia Shire a great place to live.”

In addition, Cardinia Shire’s 2016–17 Mayor Cr Brett Owen was elected Deputy Mayor for 2017–18.

Mayor Cr Ross thanked Cr Brett Owen for his commitment to his role as Mayor over the past 12 months saying: “Our previous Mayor Cr Brett Owen has done a great job leading this Council through its first term as we developed our four-year Council Plan and laid the foundations for our full term. I am looking forward to having his support as Deputy Mayor over the next year.”

The Mayor also thanked his fellow Councillors for their support and voiced his appreciation of his family and friends for their ongoing confidence, and to voters for continuing to support him at the Local Government elections.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without my family and friends, supporting me behind the scenes over the years. I am very grateful to them for inspiring me, encouraging me, and always backing me.

“And, thank you to my fellow Councillors for entrusting me with this responsibility; I am confident we will continue to work collaboratively, productively and respectfully together to do what’s right for our community,” said Cr Ross.

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