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Solar scam in Cardinia Shire

Published: 8 September 2017

Cardinia Shire Council has received reports of residents being approached by scammers who claim to be installing solar electricity systems through our Solar Savers program.

These scammers have claimed they are representing Solar Savers and Council. These claims are untrue.

Council’s Solar Savers program required pensioners who were interested in the program to initiate contact with Solar Savers first to discuss their eligibility. Under the program, installation costs are paid for by Council, and then residents gradually pay for their panels over 10 years through a special rates charge. Applications for the program are now closed. 

Council and Solar Savers did not approach residents directly to encurage people to sign up or to discuss costs. Instead, interested pensioner households progressed through a step-by-step process before a visit from a Solar Savers representative was scheduled to discuss a quote. 

Council has reported this scam to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

If you are the target of this scam, contact Council on 1300 787 624. In addition, you can report the scam to the ACCC using the SCAMwatch website at or by calling 1300 795 995.

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