No burning off during July in Cardinia Shire

Published: 19 June 2023

Cardinia Shire residents are reminded that no burning off is allowed across the shire during the month of July without a permit.

This regulation applies every year to all zones across Cardinia Shire.

Lighting open-air fires in July has been prohibited since a new local law relating to open air fires came into effect last year.

This rule is in place to prevent excessive smoke being produced due to wet fuel.

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) data indicates that on average, a combination of weather factors cause bushfire fuel to be wetter in July than in other months of the year. These factors include high rainfall, low temperatures and high relative humidity.

The wetter your bushfire fuel is, the more smoke it tends to create. This poses a risk to people’s health.

At all times of the year, residents should consider using one of these methods to reduce fuel loads:

  • Kerbside food and garden waste bin collection
  • Hard waste collection
  • Waste drop-off days 
  • Composting or mulching (Council offers waste reduction rebates)
  • Take green waste to a local tip, transfer station or waste facility

If you believe you still have a good reason to burn off in July, you can apply for a permit via Council’s website.

For more information about burning off or to apply for a permit to burn off visit

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