Help shape your community – help shape council’s draft budget

Published: 14 November 2022

Residents and businesses are encouraged to have their say and help shape Council’s draft 2023/24 budget.

Council prepares 4-year rolling budgets, reviewed annually, to deliver on the community’s priorities outlined in its 2021-2025 Council Plan.

Community feedback is being sought on key priorities for 2023/24, including:

  • Roads, drains, bridges and footpaths   
  • Rubbish and recycling
  • Buildings and facilities
  • Sport, recreation, parks and reserves
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Children and family services  
  • Disability support  
  • Aged services 
  • Multicultural community support  
  • Libraries  
  • Arts and culture  
  • Youth services  
  • Compliance services
  • Planning services  
  • Environment and climate change
  • Emergency management  
  • Customer service
  • Community consultation and communications

Cardinia Shire Mayor Councillor Tammy Radford said Council delivers hundreds of services to our local community, and now’s the time to provide input and help shape the draft 2023/24 budget.

“What Council is set to deliver on behalf of our community is detailed in the 2021-25 Council Plan, which was based on substantial community engagement and feedback.

“The budget now details the financial commitment needed to deliver on each year of the Council Plan.

“With this engagement process we’re checking back in and asking our community for their feedback and to share to their priorities in relation to the services and initiatives of Council within the Council Plan.

“We look forward to receiving your responses and feedback so it can be considered as Council prepares its draft 2023/24 Council Budget, which is expected to be available for further community feedback next year.”

Have your say


In person

  • Sessions will be held across the shire. Check the website for details.

Feedback closes 16 December 2022.

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