Multicultural groups

Cardinia Shire has several community groups who focus on supporting multicultural community activities.

The role of Cardinia Shire's Multicultural Advisory Group is to: 

  • Provide information and input into Council’s policy and decision-making processes through the regular promotion of, and input into, engagement activities. 
  • Assist with identifying the best ways to communicate to, and engage with, the Shire’s multicultural communities. 
  • Assist Council in continuing to build a culture that welcomes and celebrates diversity. 
  • Continuing to enhance existing partnerships and explore the development of new partnerships to further support multicultural communities within the shire. 
  • Inform and monitor the implementation of the Cultural Diversity Action Plan and evaluation. 
  • Foster a group culture that seeks to understand and explore diverse views of community and Committee members so that advice to Council reflects such diversity of views. 
  • Coordinate efforts, strengthen community partnerships and share information on issues affecting the Shire’s newly arrived multicultural residents. 

The Advisory Group meeting is hybrid and meets bimonthly on the third Thursday, from 5:30pm to 7pm.

For more information, please contact Council’s Community Strengthening Team by emailing or call 1300 787 624. 

The network is a group of: 

  • community service organisations 
  •  community health services  
  • and family support agencies from the Victorian and Australian government. 

The network meets on the third Thursday of every second month, online from 10:30am to 11:30am.  

The meetings share information and promote partnership opportunities. They also plan and lead Cardinia Shire's annual Harmony Day celebrations. 

To join this group please contact Council’s Community Strengthening Team by sending an email to, or call 1300 787 624. 

This network provides a forum for local faith communities to promote an inclusive community which respects religious diversity and acceptance of difference. 

It participates in and leads a range of activities - including tours of places of worship and ‘A Taste of Faith’ events. 

The tours of places of worship are an opportunity for residents and schools to visit a range of worship places to better understand different faiths. 

The network meets every first Thursday of each month at Council’s Civic Centre from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  

To join this group please contact Council’s Community Strengthening Team by emailing or call 1300 787 624