Kindergarten service delivery in Cardinia Shire

While Council doesn’t directly run early years education services, we’re committed to ensuring the services are the best they can possibly be, now and into the future. 

As the central planner for kindergarten services in the shire, we provide the buildings and manage kindergarten registrations centrally to ensure all children who require a place in our community kindergartens are able to access one. 

Council engages Early Years Managers to deliver kindergarten on our behalf.

  • Early Years Providers are the licensed, approved providers of kindergartens. They deliver high-quality programs that directly benefit children. They are also responsible for the operational management of the kindergarten service and staff.
  • In Cardinia Shire, there are 2 types of Early Years Providers – Early Years Managers and Committees of Management.
  • Early Years Providers work closely with Cardinia Shire Council, parents and families, and Parent Advisory Groups (PAGs) to ensure Cardinia Shire children have access to high-quality early years programs, giving them the best possible start in life.

Cardinia Shire Council is the central planner for kindergarten services in the shire, ensuring all children who require a place in kindergarten can access one.

We support local children and families by:

  • building strong partnerships through professional networks and supporting Early Years Managers and Committees of Management
  • planning for growth and ensuring we have enough kindergarten places to support demand, and building new centres where required
  • administering the process for kindergarten registrations for all sessional kindergartens
  • engaging Early Years Providers to deliver kindergarten.
  • We conduct a Request for Early Years Managers process to operate and manage kindergarten services and other associated services at Council-owned facilities.
  • Undertaking this process ensures we meet our statutory requirement to ensure early years providers are selected in a fair and competitive manner.
  • The process also ensures that the very best providers in Australia have an opportunity to express their interest in delivering high-quality services for families in Cardinia Shire.

If you have queries about the Early Years Manager review process, you can:  

For queries about your kindergarten service contact your Early Years Manager directly. 




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