Book a space at Emerald Lake Park

Emerald Lake Park has 5 amphitheatres, 5 picnic shelters, a bandstand and many large open spaces for hire.

The park is an ideal location for events and functions including:

  • picnics
  • corporate events
  • arts events and performances 
  • markets and festivals
  • weddings
  • birthdays

We have the perfect picturesque setting and a range of facilities to meet your needs.

Bunerong amphitheatre

Situated near Lake Nobelius, this is a 5-tiered grassed amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 200. It provides the possibility of ‘theatre in the round’ due to its proximity to The Gums and Carl Stemp amphitheatres. It is ideal for private parties due to its secluded yet convenient location.

Hire cost: $232 per day

An open, 4-tiered amphitheatre, situated near ‘The Gums’ and ‘Bunerong with a seating capacity of 120. 

Hire cost: $232 per day

The largest and main amphitheatre, the Gus Ryberg, is named after one of the original park rangers. Located north of Lake Treganowan, it provides an acoustic relationship with the lake as well as providing audiences with a view of the lake during performances.

It has 7 grassed tiers and a paved arena. It can seat 500 people and has power, water, barbecue facilities and easy access to toilets. The amphitheatre is perfect for musical and drama performances, marriage ceremonies and cultural activities.

Hire cost: $310 per day

Located in a stunningly beautiful area of the park, The Gums overlooks manna gums and provides an intimate atmosphere for performances and weddings. As o1 of the 3 amphitheatres located at Lake Nobelius, it lends itself to ‘theatre in the round’. This 6-tiered amphitheatre can seat up to 120 people.

Hire cost: $232 per day.

The smallest of the amphitheatres, The Pines is named for its location near pine trees at the south-west end of the park. It is suitable for intimate performances, poetry readings and small marriage ceremonies, having 4 grassed tiers and a seating capacity of 60.

Hire cost: $93 per day


Set your performance backdrop as Lake Treganowan with your audience settling on the natural amphitheatre landscape. The Emerald Lake Park Bandstand is a paved and covered hexagonal space with a 20ft diameter performance-area located between the wading pool and cafe. The bandstand has seating around half of the space, power access and is in close proximity to toilets. Areas on either side of the bandstand can act as open ‘backstage’ or ‘tech’ spaces. The bandstand successfully hosts the annual Summer Music Series {insert link} as well as weddings and small gatherings.

Hire cost includes the amphitheatre ‘audience’ space.

Hire cost: $310

Bellbird picnic area

Formerly used as a campground, Bellbird picnic area is a large flat area set amongst the trees. It is set back from the main lakes and lends itself to privacy, yet is within a short walk of amenities and other features of the park. With an area of approximately 100 metres x 20 metres, it is ideal for large-scale events, markets or as overflow parking.

Hire cost: $150


Surround yourself and your guests with a range of well-established exotic trees in the Arboretum. Located North-West of Lake Treganowan, this area is reminiscent of an established European garden of years gone by. This area has a mix of sloped and flatter grounds, which can host marquees, picnics or unique performances. Amenities are a short walk towards the Lakeside carpark.

Hire costs for this space are upon enquiry and are dependent on the amount of area required.

Is there another area of Emerald Lake Park that you would like to book? We are happy to discuss this with you and look at what areas outside of our standard spaces might work best for your event or function. Contact us to discuss your event needs.


Located in the centre of the park, the Boatshed can accommodate up to 40 people and offers easy access to all facilities and activities. A good location to view the lake and Puffing Billy’s arrival.

Hire cost: $65 per day.

Set amongst the trees, the Lakeside shelter offers views across the lake. Suitable for groups up to 40 people, it is close to the wading pool and children’s playground.

Hire cost: $65 per day.

The largest of the shelters, Lions Den can accommodate up to 100 people and is located above the model railway. The shelter has access to toilets and a free barbecue. Parking is available directly beside the shelter.

Hire cost: $150 per day.

Messmate is the second largest of the shelters, with space for 60 people. It has 2 free barbecues. Located beside the Puffing Billy Railway line, Messmate offers a prime position to see Puffing Billy. Parking is available close by.

Hire cost: $94 per day.

Located above the wading pool near the playground, Poolside is centrally located and will accommodate up to 40 people. It's a great place for family gatherings.

Hire cost: $65 per day.


Phone: 1300 787 624 

Bookings must be finalised with full payment at least 2 weeks before the event date.

Please note that as of 1 July 2018, hire fees and charges will increase.