Looking after the park

Emerald Lake Park is managed and maintained by Council, with the help of local volunteer group Friends of Emerald Lake Park.

The Emerald Lake Park (ELP) Vegetation Management Project 2012–16 was one of the biggest weed control projects ever undertaken at the park, helping to re-establish its native plant and animal habitats.

The project was funded through the Victorian Government’s 'Communities for Nature' Grant (administered by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries) and received by the Friends of Emerald Lake Park. It is managed by our Open Space Team in consultation with the Friends group through the Project Advisory Committee.

Most of the work to date has focused on weed removal and replanting of native vegetation in forested areas of the park, in particular removing exotic vegetation like Sycamore, Holly, and sucker growth of Elms and Oaks which have attacked some of the park’s native plants and trees.

Separate pruning and vegetation removal work was also done in the Gus Ryberg Arboretum.

Drainage issues that resulted in extensive storm water run-off and subsequent tunnel erosion at a neighbouring site have been addressed with storm water pits, sediment traps and a network of underground piping.

Work has also been done to control rabbits in the park, install interpretive signage and involve the wider community with plant identification and plant giveaway days.

Future work will focus on:

  • further weed control. Many of the weeds found in the park are spread by birds who bring in seeds from surrounding gardens,
  • revegetation to replace lost species and reinstate the diversity destroyed by many years of weed infestation, including the replacement of canopy eucalypt and other indigenous species,
  • community engagement including ongoing community planting and weed control events.

Plans for the park's future management are outlined in the Emerald Lake Park Strategic Plan.

The Friends of Emerald Lake Park (FELP) is a volunteer group made up of local residents that conducts activities at the park such as gardening and landscaping works, as well as holding regular working bees.

They work with school groups and the community on activities such as the Weed Busters program and apply for grants to undertake work in the park. New members are always welcome.

For more information visit the Friends of Emerald Lake Park website or contact the group by email friendsofemeraldlakepark@gmail.com

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