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Community Response Australia Inc

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Community Response Australia Inc is a not-for-profit organization providing a rapid response to Australians in need. With deep links into communities, we can both detect emerging needs and mobilise a community response to provide assistance. When a need is identified, we are able to use our network to quickly get the resources and volunteers required on the ground to provide a response which helps meet community need. We were formed out of community efforts to support recent crises in Australia including floods, bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic. We have provided essential supplies and meals to those affected by floods and bushfires, provided meals for emergency volunteers, provided food and essential supplies to groups hit hard by COVID-19 lockdowns such as international students and delivered meals to hospital workers during the pandemic. ABOUT US Community Response Australia Inc is the organization other community aid organisations turn to when they need a partner to provide fast and targeted assistance. We aim to help improve mental health and wellbeing in the communities we work to support and where a need is identified, work to improve their long term prospects through raising aspirations and skills. In supporting communities, we also provide resources and volunteers to support local community initiatives such as tree plantings and clean-ups. These initiatives provide immediate benefits to local areas as well as strengthening communities and frequently lead community members to developing other initiatives.
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1 Flinders Park Drive
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Contact person
Sunny Duggal
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0401 805 398