Spanish heath

Common weeds

Scientific name
Erica lusitanica
Dense erect woody shrub, young growth densely hairy.
How to indentify
Fine crowded leaves 4-7mm x 0.5mm, in rings of 4. Masses of white to pink bell-shaped flowers in pairs or clusters of 3-4, at the ends of short side branchlets.
How it spreads
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Birds
  • Animals
  • Machinery
  • Seed can spread during removal
Environmental impact

Regenerate readily, invading bushland areas. 

Suggested plant replacement
Removal methods
Plant specific removal methods

Hand weed ensuring to remove all roots while minimising disturbance to surrounding soil. Large infestations can be slashed and the regrowth sprayed.

Tall plant with small green leaves and white flowers  Plant covered with clusters of small tubed shaped white flowers

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