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Thelymitra media|Tall Sun-orchid

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

Perennial herb with fleshy egg-shaped tubers. Plants form massed displays in favorable conditions.
Size (W x H)
Up to 0.9m in height
Erect single thick, lance-shaped, channelled, fleshy leaf, often brownish base, to 40cm x 20mm, sheathing at base of stem; 2-3 sheathing stem bracts.
Dense spike of 2-30 flowers to 30mm across. Column white with blackish collar, below yellow tip; low yellow mid lobe with warts (calli) at back, 2 columns on sides; column arms long with dense terminal tuft of white hairs.
Flower colour
Blue with fine darker stripes
Flower time
October to November
Growing conditions
Moist heavy mountain soils, tolerating moist clay soils, in open and closed forests, often on disturbed sites. Full sun, semi shade. Flowers only open on very hot days. Flowers prolifically after fires.
Commonly used for
Use of orchids in gardens is not recommended, unless they already occur naturally, in which case they need to be protected. Removing orchids from the bush usually results in their death and further depletes remaining wild orchid populations.
Photo gallery
Thank you to Shire of Yarra Ranges for assistance in compiling this directory