Pandorea pandorana|Wonga Vine

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

Vigorous climber, longitudinal ridges on branches.
Size (W x H)
Climber to 6m+
Pairs of glossy dark green leaves divided into pairs of leaflets. Juvenile leaves 2-8cm long, 8-17 small bluntly toothed leaflets; adult - 8-16cm long, 3-9 egg-shaped leaflets 2.5-8cm x 5-30mm, longer terminal leaflet, tip tapering to a point.
Long weeping sprays of tubular flowers, maroon markings in throat and on lobes, hairy inside, lobes spreading.
Flower colour
Cream with maroon markings
Flower time
September to January
Growing conditions
Moist to wet draining soils in moist to wet gullies and forests, or occasionally rocky exposed sites. Tolerant of light frosts. Full sun, semi-shade to dappled shade. While the canopy is in the sun, the roots will be in cool, moist soil.
Commonly used for
Excellent vigorous climber for a strong trellis or to grow up established trees. Roots need to be well mulched or kept cool. Other commercially available colour forms are not local to the Shire.
Available at indigenous nursery
Attracts birds
Photo gallery
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