Ozothamnus ferrugineus|Tree Everlasting

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

Open rounded shrub with densely cottony branchlets.
Size (W x H)
1-3m x 2-6m
Narrow lance-shaped to oblong dark green leaves 15-65mm x 1-5mm, grey hairy below, tip pointed, margins slightly wavy.
Broad flat terminal clusters of 80-300 small daisy flowerheads. Bracts at base of flowerhead yellow-green.
Flower colour
Flower time
November to February
Growing conditions
Moist to wet well drained soils widespread in open forest and woodland, and following disturbance. Frost tolerant. Full sun to semi-shade.
Commonly used for
Long flowering plant for background planting. Prune to maintain bushy habit.
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Thank you to Shire of Yarra Ranges for assistance in compiling this directory