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Lythrum hyssopifolia|Lesser or Small Loosestrife

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

Annual or perennial spreading herb, sometimes becoming erect, stems ribbed.
Size (W x H)
Prostrate-30cm x 20-30cm
Narrow to oblong light green stalkless leaves 0.5-4cm x 2-10mm.
Single tiny tubular flowers with spreading petals in upper leaf axils.
Flower colour
Pink to mauve
Flower time
September to April
Growing conditions
Moist soil in grasslands, open and riparian forests. Full sun, semi-shade.
Commonly used for
A dainty herb which will self sow in moist areas but is never abundant. Tolerates drying out over summer. Use around water areas.
Available at indigenous nursery
Attracts frogs
Photo gallery
Thank you to Shire of Yarra Ranges for assistance in compiling this directory