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Lomandra filiformis ssp. coriacea|Wattle Mat-rush

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

Sparsely tufted perennial forming a small mat. Male and female flowers on separate plants.
Size (W x H)
0.15-0.3m high
Flat leathery bluish-green to green leaves 13-47cm x 2-5mm. Tip entire, margins raspy.
Male flowers roundish, female tubular, shortly stalked, in single or 2-3-flowered clusters. Male spike 5-18cm long, branches alternating or ringed. Female spike 2-5cm, few or unbranched. Central stem rough.
Flower colour
Cream to yellow
Flower time
September to March
Growing conditions
Dry gravel to clay soils in dry open forests and woodlands. Frost tolerant. Full sun, semi shade.
Commonly used for
A neat small tuft ideal in rockeries, small gardens or planted as a border.
Available at indigenous nursery
Attracts birds
Attracts butterflies
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