Kunzea ericoides|Burgan

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

Dense to open weeping shrub with downy stems. Bark on the young branchlets peels in long strips.
Size (W x H)
2-5m x 2-4m
Narrow dark green leaves 5-15mm x 1-1.5mm.
Masses of flowers to 10mm across with up to 25 stamens, in axils towards the end of branches. Calyx lobes pointed; flower stalk, to 3mm, somewhat hairy with hairs standing erect. Capsules deciduous.
Flower colour
Flower time
November to February
Growing conditions
Plants occur on gravelly slopes of riparian forests and forest margins in moist well drained soils. The most common species for the Shire.
Commonly used for
Excellent screen plant. Plants can spread forming a dense scrub in cleared areas. Tolerates hard pruning.
Available at indigenous nursery
Attracts birds
Attracts butterflies
Thank you to Shire of Yarra Ranges for assistance in compiling this directory