Juncus pallidus|Pale Rush

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

Dense tufted perennial rush spreading from underground stems. Erect bluish green to dull green stems to 8mm diam. with lightly raised ridges. Pith white, moderately dense, continuous.
Size (W x H)
0.3-1m x 0.5-2.3m
Leaves reduced to a broad, loose pale green basal sheath to 40cm, pale to dark brown towards the base.
Scattered or clustered flowers on erect branched flowerhead; 6 stamens. Main bract continues above flowers for 35cm. Capsules golden brown, as long or longer than flowers.
Flower colour
Pale green to straw coloured
Flower time
October to January
Growing conditions
Seasonally wet and poorly drained soils in swampy scrub, forests and floodplains. Full sun, semi shade.
Commonly used for
A robust rush for wet areas, pond and dam edges.
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Attracts birds
Attracts frogs
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Thank you to Shire of Yarra Ranges for assistance in compiling this directory