Hakea nodosa|Yellow Hakea

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

Open to dense erect or rounded shrub.
Size (W x H)
1-2m x 1-3m
Blue-green soft needle-like foliage, pointed but not as sharp as other local hakea species, 0.8-5cm x 0.7-2.5mm.
Small clusters of flowers in leaf axils, massed up the branches. Fruit - prominent, oval to round, warty, to 3cm, lacking horns.
Flower colour
Flower time
April to August
Growing conditions
Moist to wet clay soils in heathy woodlands and around swamps. Frost tolerant. Full sun to full shade.
Commonly used for
Excellent rounded shrub for moist areas in open positions or under trees. Screen plant Will adapt to quite dry positions.
Available at indigenous nursery
Attracts birds
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Thank you to Shire of Yarra Ranges for assistance in compiling this directory