Correa reflexa var. reflexa|Common Correa, Native Fuchsia

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

Open, upright to spreading shrub.
Size (W x H)
1-2m x 0.3-2m
Dull green, sparsely hairy, broadly ovate leaves 3-6cm x 10-35mm.
Long tubular flowers hanging singly between 2 clasping leaves. (Red flowering plants are found outside the Shire but may occur as isolated plants within the Shire).
Flower colour
Light green
Flower time
March to September
Growing conditions
Well drained soils in drier forests. Frost tolerant. Full sun to semi shade.
Commonly used for
An attractive garden plant. The local forms need pruning to maintain a bushy shape and will be more open in shaded positions. Popular with nectar-seeking birds. Many forms are available commercially but hybridisation will occur with local populations.
Available at indigenous nursery
Attracts birds
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