Carex appressa|Tall Sedge

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

Densely tufted sedge spreading from short underground stems. Flowering stems erect, rough, sharply 3-angled, from 0.4-1.2m high, shorter than or the same as leaves; leafy bract below spikes very short.
Size (W x H)
0.5-1m x 0.5-1.2m
Bright green leaves 2-12mm wide. Sheath grey-brown, sheath appendage rounded to square.
Flowerhead narrow, erect 4-45cm long; many short stalkless spikes, 1 per node; male flowers above female in all spikes. Fruit egg-shaped, thick flat base, veined, long hairs on edges, tip notched.
Flower colour
Flower time
August to January
Growing conditions
Wet soils beside or along margins of water areas. Will tolerate some drying out. Frost tolerant. Full sun, semi shade.
Commonly used for
Moist to wet areas in the garden. Commonly used in trapping silt and impurities in streams and for stabilising creek banks.
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Attracts birds
Attracts butterflies
Attracts frogs
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