Bauera rubioides|Wiry Bauera, River or Dog Rose

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

Wiry, densely scrambling hairy shrub.
Size (W x H)
1-2m x 1-2m
Pairs of leaves divided into 3 narrow, toothed, stalkless leaflets, appearing as a ring of 6 leaves. Leaflets to 12mm long.
Masses of cup-shaped to open flowers on long stalks.
Flower colour
Pink to white
Flower time
most of the year especially spring-summer
Growing conditions
Moist soils, tolerating brief winter inundation in heathland and heathy forest. Frost and snow tolerant. Partial, dappled and full shade.
Commonly used for
Excellent understorey plant for moist shady gardens with a good display of flowers. Prostrate forms are also available commercially. Provide a good living mulch.
Available at indigenous nursery
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