Banksia marginata|Silver Banksia, Warrock

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

Dense, stiffly-branched shrub. New growth brown and hairy.
Size (W x H)
1-5m x 1-10m
Narrow oblong leaves, dark green above, silvery-white below. Tip cut off or notched, edges may be serrated; 1-8cm x 3-15mm.
Flowers densely packed in a bottlebrush flowerhead 5-15cm long. Seeds are shed annually.
Flower colour
Flower time
Mostly February to June
Growing conditions
Local form grows in moist well drained soils which may become wet in winter. Found in moist to damp forests. Frost and snow tolerant. Dappled to part shade. Other forms vary from prostrate shrubs to small trees.
Commonly used for
A very adaptable plant growing in drier garden conditions, especially if receiving water in summer. Attractive low screen with long-lasting flowers.
Available at indigenous nursery
Attracts birds
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