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Ajuga australis|Austral Bugle

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

An erect rosette or spreading perennial herb. Very variable throughout its range.
Size (W x H)
20-50cm x 30-50cm
Leaves variable, softly hairy, broader at the end, entire, toothed or lobed, 3-12cm x 8-35mm, becoming smaller up the flowering stem.
Erect spikes of lobed flowers.
Flower colour
Purple to blue
Flower time
September to February
Growing conditions
Well drained moist soil in moist forests, tolerating very brief waterlogging. Full sun, dappled or semi shade.
Commonly used for
Small ornamental perennial for cottage gardens, rockeries, embankments. Can sucker.
Available at indigenous nursery
Thank you to Shire of Yarra Ranges for assistance in compiling this directory