Acacia oxycedrus|Spike Wattle

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

Stiff erect or spreading shrub or small tree.
Size (W x H)
1-10m x 2-5m
Rigid, sharply pointed foliage, broader at the base, with 3-5 veins, visible on each side, 1-4cm x 1.5-4mm.
Flowers in dense spikes 1.5-5cm long, longer than leaves. Pods slightly compressed, wrinkled lengthways, 6-11cm x 4-8mm.
Flower colour
Bright yellow
Flower time
June to November
Growing conditions
Sandy and loam soils, tolerating both dryish and wet conditions in open forests within the Shire. Frost tolerant. Full sun to dappled shade.
Commonly used for
Good bird refuge. Useful to underplant existing trees or protect sensitive areas from foot traffic. Windbreak.
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Attracts birds
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