Acacia melanoxylon|Blackwood

Cardinia indigenous plant guide

A fast-growing small to large upright tree with hard, fissured bark.
Size (W x H)
5-30m x 4-15m
Dull green foliage to 15cm x 10-25mm wide, with 3-5 raised main veins. Young foliage often has ferny leaves on the tips.
Short clusters of ball-shaped flowerheads on scaly stalks. Pods 4-15cm x 3.5-10mm, becoming twisted and coiled, retained for a long time; seed stalk red.
Flower colour
Flower time
July to October
Growing conditions
Widespread, preferring moist fertile soils, in valleys in wetter mountain forests. Once established it will tolerate drier conditions but may remain smaller. Frost tolerant. Full or partial sun.
Commonly used for
Shade & screening. Habitat tree. Will sucker if roots damaged. Can be upper or middle canopy.
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Attracts birds
Attracts butterflies
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