It’s time to put food waste to good use!

Published: 27 August 2020

A new service will soon allow residents to put food scraps in their green waste bin.

From Monday 28 September, all food scraps, including fruit and vegetables, cooked and uncooked meat, dairy products, processed foods and more, can be placed in the green waste bin to be composted into nutrient rich soil for Victorian farms and gardens. 

The new service will provide a solution to the problem of food waste in the shire. Around 32% of Cardinia Shire’s household waste is spoiled food or food scraps, which currently goes straight to landfill. When food waste decomposes in landfill it produces methane – a harmful greenhouse gas – and creates leachate – a toxic landfill liquid that can pollute the land, ground and waterways. 

Residents who already have a green waste bin will receive a free ‘food in green waste bin’ kit including a benchtop kitchen caddy, flyer and sticker during the rollout period of 28 September to 19 October 2020. Once received, it can be used immediately. 

Ratepayers can order a green bin any time of year. The annual fee for 2020–2021 is $123.20 for the 240L green bin or $90 for the 120L green bin. 

Green bins will continue to be collected fortnightly and are available in two sizes: the standard 240L bin and a new smaller 120L bin for smaller households with less garden waste needs. 

Online information session 

Learn more about the service at a free online information session on Thursday 10 September from 7pm-8pm or Saturday 12 September from 10.30am-11.30am. To book or for more information, visit

To order a green bin 

To order a new or additional green bin, visit, phone 1300 787 624 or email Rental tenants will need to contact their property manager or landlord. 

Food waste more info 

For more information about putting food waste in the green bin, visit

Rebates for compost, worm farms and mulchers 

People who have a compost bin at home can continue to use it. Council offer rebates of up to $50 for Cardinia Shire residents who buy a compost bin, worm farm or mulcher – visit for more information.

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