What's On Cardinia Festival

  • The upcoming What’s On Cardinia Festival will be a month-long event series celebrating great local artists, creatives and businesses in Cardinia Shire.
  • The festival will be held once restrictions ease – dates to be confirmed.
  • If you’re a business or artist/creative in Cardinia Shire, you can now submit an expression of interest (EOI) to take part in the festival – there’s no entry cost to participate.


The What’s On Cardinia Festival event series will provide a much-needed boost for our business and creative communities, both of which have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions.

The festival will be held in a wide range of business and community venues around Cardinia Shire.

The festival aims to:

  • reinvigorate local businesses after lockdown
  • stimulate the local economy
  • generate foot traffic
  • raise the profiles and showcase the work of local artists
  • attract local residents as well as visitors from outside Cardinia Shire.

 The What’s On Cardinia Festival will give businesses and community hubs around our shire the opportunity to showcase their own products and services while providing local artists and

creatives with a place to perform or show their works.

The Cardinia Business team will work to match businesses and community hubs with creatives, for example: 

  • a visual artist may want to hang their art in a local café
  • a musician may want to play a gig at a local bar
  • a writer may want to deliver a talk at a local library.

The event will be promoted and supported by Cardinia Shire Council via the new What’s On Cardinia website

We’re seeking expressions of interest (EOIs) from local businesses and artists interested in taking part in the festival.

Please click on the relevant link below to find out more and apply.

Submit an EOI if you're a local business          Submit an EOI if you’re a local artist/creative

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