Nominate a tree or group of trees for the Significant Tree Register

Council is developing a Significant Tree Register to protect trees believed to be significant in Cardinia Shire. 

Trees believed to be of significance are nominated by members of the public for possible inclusion on the register. These trees will then be professionally assessed and placed on a list of recommendations which will then be sent to the State Government as a Planning Scheme Amendment. Trees that make it through this amendment process will be deemed significant and form the basis of the Significant Tree Register. 

Through the planning scheme, an appropriate overlay will apply to any property where a registered significant tree grows and to any other properties that are within its tree protection zone.

Nominations are open shire wide, however, trees within Cardinia Shire’s growth corridor and employment precincts will be considered for inclusion in the planning scheme amendment  on a case-by-case basis. This is because planning for growth areas and precinct structure plans involves detailed background investigations including vegetation assessments. Trees within growth areas will be carefully considered in relation to relevant background reports, existing controls and legislation as well as compatibility with future plans.

If you have nominated a tree within 1 of these areas that can’t be considered for the planning scheme amendment you will be notified once Council officers have conducted their review.

Trees on private or public land may be nominated.

A tree can be nominated if you believe it has any of the following:

Type Description Example
Horticultural value Any tree that is of outstanding horticultural or genetic value and which could be an important source of propagating stock, including specimens that are particularly resistant to disease or exposure. • Trees that are particularly tolerant to pest and disease
• Trees that may be used for breeding purposes
Rare or localised Any tree species that is rare and distributed mainly in the local area. • Only known species or rare species (2 to 50 known specimens)
• One of the few examples of the species/variety in the area
Outstanding example of species Any tree considered to be an outstanding example of its species.  
Location Any tree that grows in a unique location or context so it contributes to the landscape or local place character. • Important landmark
• Contribution to landscape or scene (highly visible, presence on a ridgeline, provides screening function, frames a view)
Age Any tree that is particularly old for its species and in good health.  
Outstanding size Any tree that is notable for its size in some capacity. • Very tall
• Large girth/circumference (the distance around the tree)
• Large canopy spread
• Combinations of the above
Curious growth form Any tree that grows in an unusual way or has an unusual physical feature. • Abnormal outgrowths
• Fusion of branches
• Unusually damaged but still healthy
Aesthetic value Any tree that is particularly attractive. • Exceptional amount of flowers
• Beautiful leaves
• Remarkable colouring
Historical value Any tree commemorating a particular occasion, including ones planted by notable people or associated with an important event in local, state or national history. • Planted by or associated with a well-known public figure or group
• Associated with an historical event or occasion
Habitat value A tree or group of trees with outstanding value as habitat for native wildlife. • Breeding habitat
• Roosting site
• Feeding habitat
• Wildlife corridor
• Provides refuge, shelter or protection
Aboriginal significance Any tree that has associations with aboriginal culture or heritage. • Scarred tree
• Corroboree tree
• Canoe tree

Social, cultural or spiritual value

Any tree that is important to a community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons.

• Positive community engagement related to the tree

• Cultural association and sense of place linked with the tree

• Spiritual importance to a group of people

Trees on private or public land may be nominated.

Heritage Overlay Tree and location
HO26 Bunya Bunyas - 195 Browning Road, Tynong
HO27 Stone Pine at Windy Hills Farm - 30 Buchanan Road, Beaconsfield Upper
HO37 Californian Redwoods - Gembrook Road, Gembrook
HO61 Bhutan Pines - Gembrook Railway Station Site Main Street, Gembrook
HO79 Oak Avenue - 305 Mountain Road, Gembrook
HO124 Bunya Bunya - 76 Tynong Road, Tynong
HO144 Mature Oak, Greenslopes - 15 Bayview Road, Officer
HO242 Hybrid Oak - 40 Railway Terrace, Beaconsfield
HO243 Radiata Pine - 120 A’Beckett Road, Beaconsfield Upper
HO244 Hybrid Oak- 55 Taplins Road, Catani
HO245 Red, Hybrid, English Oak - McBride Street, Cockatoo
HO247 English Oak - Corner of Dessent and Main Drain Road, Cora Lynn
HO249 Pin Oak - 2-28 Emerald Monbulk Road, Emerald
HO252 Bay Laurel - 6 Brookdale Avenue, Emerald
HO253 Lawson’s and Hinoki Cypress - 356-358 Belgrave Gembrook Road, Emerald
HO256 Cotton Palm - 6 Campbell Street, Garfield
HO258 Hybrid Oaks - Redwood Road, Gembrook
HO259 Messmate Gum - Ure Raod, Gembrook
HO262 Hybrid Oaks - 13-23 Tivendale Road, Officer
HO263 English Oak - 30 metres west of intersection Princes Highway and Oaktree Drive, Pakenham
HO264 Algerian Oak - 9-13 Main Street, Pakenham
HO265 English Oak - North-east corner of Syme and Toomuc Valley Road, Pakenham
HO266 Spotted and Scarlet Flowering Gum - Corner of Bourke’s Creek Road and Pakenham Road, Pakenham Upper
HO267 Chestnut Oak - Railway Avenue, Tynong
HO268 Algerian Oak, Hybrid Oak - Main Street, Gembrook
HO272 Huntingdon Elm - 10-12 Salisbury Road, Beaconsfield Upper


You can nominate 1 tree or a group of trees to be considered for the Significant Tree Register.

Apply online – Nominate a tree for the significant tree register

5pm, Tuesday 18 September 2018.

If you nominate a tree that is later recommended by a Council-appointed arborist to be sent to the Victorian Government, the planning scheme amendment process will begin. Trees that make it through this amendment process will be deemed significant and form the basis of the Significant Tree Register. Information will be provided to all properties involved in the amendment process.

Call the Strategic Planning Team on 1300 787 624