Join in on the fun of Biodiversity Blitz this September!

Published: 23 August 2022

Celebrate Biodiversity Month and contribute to citizen science by taking part in the 2022 Biodiversity Blitz!

Biodiversity Month is held in September each year and aims to promote the importance of protecting, conserving, and improving biodiversity both within Australia and across the world.

For the second year, Cardinia Shire Council is partnering with several of our neighbouring councils to hold the Biodiversity Blitz.

Cardinia Shire Mayor Councillor Jeff Springfield said the competition encourages residents to record local species throughout September using iNaturalist – a free app that helps you identify the plants and animals around you.

“This is a great way to get out and about in nature and learn and share about the amazing biodiversity Cardinia Shire has to offer.

“The competition also helps create quality research data for scientists working to better understand and protect nature, and there’s prizes on offer for local participants who make the most observations during the competition,” Cr Springfield said.

Ways to participate

Biodiversity Blitz competition

How to join:

  1. Download the free iNaturalist App
  2. Join the Biodiversity Blitz 2022 - Cardinia Shire project
  3. From Thursday 1 September start recording your observations.

Please respect our plants and wildlife when taking photos. Spring is nesting season for many birds and flowering time for many orchids and herbs so try not to damage or disturb our plants or animals. If you see young birds on the ground, please leave them unless they are obviously injured. They are fledging the nest and learning to fly, and their parents will be close by.

For more information visit RSPCA Victoria. If you come across injured wildlife, please contact Wildlife Victoria on 8400 7300.

Free online webinar: Using iNaturalist

There will be a free online training webinar on Wednesday 31 August from 7pm showing people how to use the smartphone App ‘iNaturalist’. Registration to attend is required:

The webinar will be hosted by iNaturalist enthusiast Luis Mata, an ecologist and entomologist, who will present the basics of iNaturalist and answer any questions residents may have.

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