Saving a splash with new water monitoring system

Published: 15 February 2022

Cardinia Shire Council’s new water monitoring system has saved a splash or two in water, time and money.

The new system, installed in November 2020 at the Garfield, Koo Wee Rup, Emerald and Cardinia Life pools, monitors water consumption in real time and notifies staff when action is required to quickly respond to and prevent high-flow and overflow events.

Since the system was installed, Council has been able to promptly address two events at its public pools:

  • reducing water use at Emerald Lake Park wading pool by approximately 70,000 litres a day, and
  • saving 3.6 litres per second of excessive water use at Koo Wee Rup swimming pool and preventing any damage that may have been caused by overflowing water.

The system’s data will also be used to establish trends of high-water use and identify which pools should be prioritised for future works to reduce water consumption.

Council is looking forward to expanding the water monitoring system to the Pakenham outdoor pool in the coming months as well. Following this, the system will be considered for other high-use water sites, including recreation reserves and new buildings.

For more information about Council’s water saving efforts, visit

Want to save water at home or work too? Try these top tips:

  • fix leaky taps
  • install a water tank and collecting rainwater to use around the home or garden
  • install water-saving shower heads
  • reduce shower time
  • keep your outdoor pool or spa covered when not in use
  • plant native plants
  • add mulch to your garden.

Visit one of our pools this summer

While we work to improve our pools, you can rest and enjoy them as there’s still time to visit our public pools this summer!

Our outdoor pools are open during the warmer months (November to March).

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