Disposing of e-waste in Cardinia Shire

Published: 19 June 2019

From July 1 2019, e-waste will be banned from Victorian landfill.

E-waste is any item that has a battery, cord or plug, and is at the end of its useful life. As waste, it contains many potentially hazardous and valuable materials which don‘t belong in landfill.

The new ban will work to ensure that toxic materials are not released into our soil or waterways, and that e-waste is recycled through specialist programs, so that valuable materials can be used again. This will also reduce the need for new resources.

Examples of e-waste include:

  • computers
  • TV’s
  • vacuum cleaners
  • toasters
  • powered toys
  • power tools

Cardinia Shire residents are encouraged to consider selling, donating or giving items that are still in good condition to friends or family before recycling. This approach aligns to the principles of the zero-waste hierarchy, which advocates reusing goods before recycling them where possible.

Otherwise, residents can recycle their e-waste at e-waste drop-off locations or through Council’s hard and bundled green waste collection. All types of e-waste can currently be disposed of at:

  • Future Recycling, Pakenham
  • SCR Group e-waste recycling point (corner of Springvale and Dandenong Road, Springvale)

As of 1 July 2019, Council will also provide four additional drop-off points for small household e-waste items, including x-rays, at the Pakenham Library, the Emerald Library, the Civic Centre and Koo Wee Rup Eco House. Size restrictions do apply at these drop-off locations, as items must be able to fit into the drop-off slot, measuring 40cm x 8cm.

Individual items such as mobile phones and chargers, computers and computer accessories, television, household batteries, Apple computer products as well as tablets, and notebooks may have additional drop-off locations for Cardinia Shire residents. See council’s website for more details.

For more information about e-waste, visit Council’s website at www.cardinia.vic.gov.au/ewaste or call 1300 787 624.