Cardinia Shire’s new Mayor and Deputy Mayor elected for 2018–19

Headshot of Mayor Cr Graeme Moore on appointment Published: 13 November 2018

Port Ward Councillor Cr Graeme Moore was elected Mayor of Cardinia Shire at Council’s Annual Statutory Meeting on Monday 12 November.

Now in his third term as Councillor, Mayor Cr Moore was excited about the appointment and expressed his gratitude to their fellow Councillors for the vote of confidence.

It is the second time Cr Moore has been Mayor, having previously filled this role in 2013–14 and that of Deputy Mayor in 2014–15.

Cr Moore said he looked forward to leading the Council in the year ahead and working collaboratively to continue delivering on the Council Plan.

“I am thrilled to be leading this Council as Mayor over the next 12 months as we ramp up our delivery and work on projects we’ve been planning these past two years.

As an elected representative, a Councillor for Port Ward, I am very passionate about being a good leader, a listener and an strong advocate for the growing and changing needs of our community, and I will be bringing this passion to the role of Mayor,” said Cr Moore.

In addition, Cardinia Shire’s 2017–18 Mayor Cr Collin Ross was elected Deputy Mayor for 2018–19.

Mayor Cr Moore thanked Cr Collin Ross for his fulfilment of the role as Mayor over the past 12 months saying: “Our previous Mayor Cr Collin Ross’s commitment to the role throughout the past year has been outstanding. I am looking forward to having his support as Deputy Mayor over the next year.”

The Mayor also thanked his fellow Councillors for their support and voiced his optimism for the year ahead.

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