Missed bin collections

Published: 28 February 2017

Our waste collection contractor has having been some difficulties making all the scheduled collections in some areas in recent weeks due to vehicle maintenance issues.

Additional vehicles will be joining the fleet in the coming weeks so your services will soon be back to the high standards we expect. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding. These FAQs may help you answer questions about missed collections.          

What do I do if my bins haven’t been emptied on the scheduled day?

Bins should be emptied on scheduled days but if your bin is missed, please contact us to provide your address so we can investigate and organise your bin to be collected. 

What happens when we complain about a missed bin collection?

Any calls, emails or reports we receive are logged in our customer management system, which are then forwarded to the waste contractor for action. Missed bin reports logged before 2pm should be emptied the next business day. 

What if my bin is still not collected?

This is not satisfactory. We encourage you to contact us so we can address the issue and monitor the progress.

Once we have an address or details of the issue, our Contract Monitoring Officer can look into the specific issues at the address. If there are operational or site issues, this can be worked through with our contractor. If it purely performance issues, we will address this with our contractor to improve performance.

Is there a different service standard for hills or rural areas compared with suburban or township areas?

No. However, these areas can have some difficult access roads and difficult sites for collection, which makes our service a very different one to other more urban Councils. Contractors are aware of this upon tendering for our business.

If you think you are experiencing late collections or a lower service because of where you live, contact us so we can investigate issues related to a specific area.

Can you provide extra bins at no cost to make up for missed collections?

Our service is a fee-for-service basis and we already provide low cost waste services. Our contractors are required to provide good services to all residents and for some, this means the service needs to improve so you are not having missed bins or long delays for collection.

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