Gas import jetty and high-pressure gas pipeline from Crib Point to Pakenham - proposed by AGL and APA

  • The construction of a gas import jetty at Crib Point and high-pressure gas pipeline to Pakenham is proposed jointly by AGL and APA. If approved, liquefied natural gas will be imported at Crib Point and transferred to the Victorian Transmission System east of Pakenham via a new high-pressure gas pipeline.
  • AGL is responsible for the FSRU and jetty works, and APA for the pipeline works.
  • AGL and APA have prepared an Environment Effects Statement (EES) for the Gas Import Jetty and Pipeline Project. 
  • Council has not yet formed a formal position on the proposal. Council will provide its position through a formal submission when the Environment Effects Statement and associated technical studies are exhibited.

The proposed gas import jetty works include:

  • Mooring of a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) at the existing Crib Point Jetty. The FSRU has the capacity to convert liquid natural gas (LNG) to a gaseous state.
  • Construction of new jetty piping to enable regasified natural gas to be transferred from the FSRU to a new pipeline receiving facility onshore at Crib Point
  • Construction of an above ground gas receiving facility in Crib Point.

The proposed high-pressure gas pipeline works include:

  • Construction of a 57 kilometre high-pressure gas pipeline from Crib Point to Pakenham East.
  • Construction of an above ground gas delivery facility in Pakenham East to monitor and regulate the gas.
  • a below ground End of Line Scraper Station (EOLSS) located at the connection point to the VTS in Pakenham East.
  • two above ground mainline valves (MLVs), including one at No. 45 Bloomfield Lane, Cardinia, that will be situated along the pipeline alignment, which will allow for isolation of the pipeline in an emergency.
  • The Minister for Planning has determined that this project will be assessed through an Environment Effects Statement (EES) process.
  • The EES and related documents provide information about the potential environmental, social and economic impacts of the proposal and how these would be managed during construction and future operations, if it is approved.
  • The EES process is managed by DELWP's Impact Assessment Unit. The submission process is managed by Planning Panels Victoria.

For detailed information on the project, to view the EES documents and to make a submission visit the DELWP website


Gas import jetty works

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Pipeline works

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Environment Assessment Unit, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) 

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