Cardinia Shire's railway towns

These four towns are known as the ‘Railway Towns’:

  • Nar Nar Goon
  • Tynong
  • Garfield
  • Bunyip

They provide a range of activities that contribute to the economic vitality of the rural areas for Cardinia Shire.

Council is working with communities from the four towns in reviewing the background draft report and, in line with its Council Plan, will complete the economic review of the railway townships and develop a program for land use strategies in priority locations, then incorporate planning strategies and controls into the planning scheme from studies.

As part of the first stage of consultation, community feedback was sought on the draft background report. The first stage for feedback was closed on 19 July 2019. Further community consultation will be undertaken throughout the project.

Council is scheduled to consider feedback on the draft report at its Council Meeting on 16 September 2019.

View the draft background report

The Railway Towns provide residents in these areas with access to a range of retail, community, civic, health and entertainment facilities and services, whilst also providing business and employment opportunities

The towns, each formed following construction of the Gippsland rail line, are situated in the foothills to the Dandenong Ranges and are inherently linked to the future growth of Melbourne, the south east region, and the Gippsland corridor. 

Two of the railway towns, Bunyip and Garfield, have existing township strategies and an Urban Growth Boundary (UGB); however, Tynong and Nar Nar Goon do not have any strategic direction for their current or future development and are without an urban growth boundary. 

Council is undertaking a process to pursue updated policies for the towns to ensure each town achieves a sustainable size and appropriate mix of appropriate township attributes into the future.

Council has prepared a draft background report on the economic, social and land use assessment of the four railway towns for discussion purposes, and Council is seeking feedback from the railway communities on the information that is presented in the draft background report as the first stage of consultation.

The draft background report includes an assessment of the following:

  • the role and function of each of the railway towns (Nar Nar Goon, Tynong, Garfield and Bunyip)
  • the implications of the development of Pakenham and Pakenham East for these towns
  • the relationship between the towns and what role they play in supporting one another
  • an analysis of the demand and supply for retail, commercial, industrial and residential development within the towns
  • provides recommendations to guide the future development of these towns
  • identifies 6 principles to ensure the rail towns successfully function as engaging, attractive areas that service the needs of residents, visitors and workers.

For further information on the Railway Towns project, please contact Lorna Lablache, Principal Strategic Planner, via or 1300 787 624.