Amendment C220 - Beaconsfield Design and Development Overlays (DDOs)

Amendment C220 was on public exhibition from Thursday 9 November to Monday 11 December 2017.

A Panel Hearing was held on Wednesday 28 March 2018. Read the Amendment C220 Panel Report.

The Minister for Planning approved the amendment. It was gazetted on 18 July 2019. Download the public notice.


Amendment C220 implements the objectives and strategies from the Beaconsfield Structure Plan (December 2013) into the Cardinia Planning Scheme through a planning tool called a Design and Development Overlay (DDO).

You may recall that the Beaconsfield Structure Plan went through an extensive community consultation process in 2014.

The proposed amendment applies to the land within the following precincts of the Beaconsfield Structure Plan:

  • Princes Highway Gateway Precinct (Proposed DDO5)
  • Beaconsfield Point Precinct (Proposed DD06)
  • Woodlands Grove Precinct (Proposed DDO7)

Amendment C220 does not propose any new content, but is a direct translation of the objectives and strategies from the Beaconsfield Structure Plan placed into a more appropriate statutory planning tool.

View Amendment C220 on the DELWP website

What does this mean for you? 

Proposed Amendment C220 will not directly impact you unless you want to redevelop your land.

The DDO’s are used as a tool for developers to design in accordance with and for Council planners when approving future development applications. 

The amendment makes sure that if redevelopment of one of the 3 precincts is proposed, it must be in line with the future character of Beaconsfield town centre (as set out in the Beaconsfield Structure Plan). 

The three proposed DDO’s focus on ensuring future development provides for appropriate: 

  • height and setback controls
  • activated frontages
  • colours and materials that complement the area to ensure that Beaconsfield achieves it vision.