Public Events - COVID-19 restrictions

  • This page has information for community groups and organisations wanting to start planning public events again after the recent easing of Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions. 

  • If you’re planning a public event, it needs to be in line with the safety obligations and responsibilities outlined in the Victorian Government’s COVIDSafe Public Events Framework. The framework guides approvals and the phased resumption of public events.

  • While we move towards COVID normal and the ability to gather in larger numbers, we must remember that public gatherings can be high-risk and need to be carefully planned, implemented and managed. 

The Victorian Chief Health Officer’s directions define a public event as: 

"… an organised public gathering for a common purpose which is conducted on a one-off or periodic basis, open to members of the public, publicly announced or advertised, and may be subject to specific license, approvals or permits."

Examples: an exhibition, sporting event, festival, fair, parade, performance, trade show. 

What isn’t a public event

The framework states that these aren’t public events: 

  • an ad-hoc public gathering in a public place
  • a private or public gathering of members of the public in a facility, venue, indoor space or outdoor space for ordinary, day-to-day operations, use, activities
     or services
  • a private gathering, such as a wedding, funeral
     or end of life activity, or
  • a routine religious gathering or ceremony. 

Other COVID-19 restrictions apply to these types of gatherings.  For information visit Industry restriction levels on the Coronavirus Victoria website  


Useful resources:  

The Victorian Government’s COVIDSafe Public Events Framework sets out the rules for organising a public event, including:  

  • indoor / outdoor settings  
  • limits on the number of people attending the event  
  • density requirements
  • COVID safety requirements  
  • a tiered process for assessing public events based on the scale, complexity and associated risk factors 
  • the timeline for registering public events which is up to 10 weeks before the event depending on the tier 
  • the process for submission and review of COVIDSafe Event Plans and Checklists by the Victorian Government 
  • the primary assessment criteria that will be applied by Victorian Government public health experts assessing COVIDSafe Event Plans
  • For events to be held on Council land, event organisers must apply to Council for permission to use the land before submitting an application to Department of Health. Contact Cardinia Shire Council Customer Service on 1300 787 624 or
  • Once we have given permission and the application has been submitted to Department of Health, we will start the necessary assessments.
  • We will give final approval for the event to proceed when you provide evidence that Department of Health have approved the event and relevant conditions placed on the event by Department of Health and Council have been met. 
  • Markets are required to register with the Department of Health. 
  • One off markets or new markets will require Public Event Framework registration. 
  • Ongoing markets that are held regularly need to hold a COVIDSafe plan.
  • All market holders are required to provide Council with evidence of the registration prior to holding their event.
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