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Information for Section 86 Township Committees during COVID-19

Use this page to read the latest updates on COVID-19 restrictions for Township Committees in Cardinia Shire.

Also see Information for Section 86 Hall Committees during COVID-19

Under the Local Government Act, meetings of Section 86 Committees have the same obligations as meetings of Council. Under the new Omnibus provisions, Section 86 Committees can only meet remotely if the meeting is webcast, which may not be practical for our Section 86 Committees.

A webcast involves live streaming the virtual meeting to allow other community members to access and view the meeting. 

Section 86 Committees can continue to meet on line informally without webcasting to keep in touch and discuss any issues they have, however cannot formally decide on any major issue that requires a vote while meeting online.

If you cannot webcast your meeting and believe you have a major issue or vote that needs to be made during this time of Stage 4 restrictions, please contact us to discuss this further to see what process can be undertaken in your circumstance. 

Please contact Council on 1300 787 624 should you would like to dicuss this advice further. 



Under the 1989 Local Government Act Council was able to create Committees under the provisions of Section 86 of that Act, we commonly refer to these as ‘Section 86 Committees’.

The State Government recently introduced the Local Government Act 2020 and this Act repealed the previous Section 86 and only allows the Council to create ‘Delegated Committees’ primarily of Councillors or ‘Community Asset Committees’ for the purpose of managing a community asset within the Shire.

Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to create a Council Committee with delegated powers and consisting of community members as your Committee is currently structured.

The Local Government Act 2020 provisions regarding ‘Delegated Committee’ and ‘Community Asset Committees’ commenced on 1 May and the Council until 1 September to be compliant with these new provisions, therefore the current Township Committees will cease to be Section 86 Committee on 1 September.

An option available to your Committee, if you wish to consider it, is to become an Incorporated Association under the provisions of the Association Incorporation Act and the Council can assist you in transitioning to such a structure if you wish to do so.

If you wish to discuss this any further or have concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Helena Moloney Community Development Facilitator on 5943 4255 or at H.Moloney@cardinia.vic.gov.au.

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