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Cardinia Shire Youth Survey 2018 results

The 2018 Youth Survey was conducted by our Youth Services team. 

The survey takes a close look at the needs and aspirations of young people who have strong connections to Cardinia Shire.

The survey results will help us to plan plan and advocate for the needs of local young people, so their voices be heard by regional networks, the Victorian and Federal governments, service providers and the general community.

722 young people aged 14-25 participated in an online survey between 22 March and 8 May 2018.


  • 77% say family is important
  • 67% get information, advice and help from family they live with
  • 27% very/fairly often feel stressed around immediate family
  • 90% feel safe when spending time withe family


  • 75% say friends are important
  • 39% reported friendship problems
  • 75% get information, advice or help from friends
  • 18% very/fairly often feel stressed with friends
  • 90% feel safe when spending time with friends

Mental health

  • 73% think feeling happy is important
  • 63% think being metally well is important
  • 55% want mental health services
  • 46% reported anxiety
  • 42% reported being unhappy
  • 39% reported mental health issues
  • 24% had thoughts or attempts at suicide


  • 71% believe feeling safe is important
  • 64% believe being safe at home is important
  • 24% feel unsafe using public transport
  • 6% feel unsafe at school


  • Stress is an issue of concern for 59% of young people
  • School pressure is a concern for 42% of young people
  • Stress is more frequent at school due to homework and peer pressure. It is also more frequent in 18-24yo for family and media stress with females feeling stressed more frequently than males.

Services to help young people

  • 56% want more services to help with finding jobs 
  • 55% wants more mental health services
  • 50% want services offering career pathways
  • 46% want welcoming services
  • 43% want more education options

35% think the community has negative perceptions of young people

  • 'Criminals'
  • 'Judge everyone based on a few bad examples'
  • 'Bad attitude'
  • 'Expect too much of youth'

Barriers to accessing services

  • 46% say there are no barriers
  • 26% say lack of confidence
  • 19% say lack of awareness about the services 
  • 18% say they don't have enough money 
  • 14% say they don;t have a way to access services (lack of transport) 

What do young people want?

  • Cinemas
  • Places to hang out
  • Job opportunities
  • Music events
  • Shopping centres
  • Sport

Read the report 

Shows selected results from the Youth Forum survey as a graphical representation. Refer to the full survey on this web page for the results.    Shows selected results from the Youth Forum survey as a graphical representation. Refer to the full survey on this web page for the results.
































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