Central registration key dates for offers and placements

Date Action
May 2019 Applicants asked to check registration information on record, including contact information and preferences. 
June 2019 Draft timetable of all of proposed kindergarten sessions available. (This cannot be finalised until places have been offered and numbers finalised). 
Friday 28 June 2019 Final date we can receive new registrations or changes to still be eligible for 1st round offers.
Week of 8 July 2019 1st round offers for 4-year-old kindergarten places sent. 
From Monday 22 July 2019 Offers for 4-year-old kindergarten registrations or changes received after 28 June sent on ongoing basis.
From Monday 5 August 2019 1st round offers for 3-year-old kindergarten are sent.
From Monday 19 August 2019 All remaining offers sent on ongoing basis.


More info on kindergarten registrations