Have your say on ageing well in Cardinia Shire

We are creating a roadmap to support the wellbeing of our ageing community over the next 5 years – the Ageing Well Strategy 2019-24.

An age friendly community is one in which older people are given opportunities to:

  • be healthy and active
  • stay socially connected 
  • participate fully in society. 


A big thank you to all those who gave their time to take part in workshops or completed surveys as part of the collection of data to shape the direction of the strategy, your input has been greatly appreciated.

Council will now review all information collected and begin work on developing the draft Ageing Well Strategy.

Once complete the draft will be provided back to the community for additional feedback before finalising the document.



The current Age Friendly Strategy will conclude in June 2019.  

In developing the new Ageing Well Strategy 2019–2024, we will be able to reflect upon the work we’ve done so far and identify new opportunities.

In 2016, Cardinia Shire was accepted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a member of the Global Network of Age Friendly Cities.

The WHO defines an age friendly community as “one that optimises opportunities for health, participation and security as people age, and adapts its structures and services to be accessible to, and inclusive of, older individuals with varying needs and capacities”.

The WHO Age-friendly Cities framework proposes 8 interconnected domains that can help to identify and address barriers to the well-being and participation of older people.

The domains are:

  • community and health care
  • transportation
  • housing
  • social participation
  • outdoor spaces and buildings
  • respect and social inclusion
  • civic participation and employment
  • communication and information.

 Using the WHO framework as a backbone for the new strategy, extensive community engagement on these themes has been undertaken, with the consultation period ending on Monday 23 April.