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Your Mayor and Councillors

Ranges Ward

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Mobile: 0427 383 810

It is with great honour and sincere humility that I take on the responsibility of being your Council representative for the Ranges Ward.

Born and raised in Emerald, I will always consider these ranges my home. I work in the music industry as a production engineer, event management professional and recording artist.

I will work hard towards bringing our local communities together and be your collective voice on Council. I will strive to preserve and protect our unique local environment. I will push to have our Council services delivered to where they are needed most.

Port Ward

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Mobile: 0400 167 844

I have always been a driving force in the community. My role is to ensure Council provides infrastructure, responsible development, environmental stability and agricultural security, well-planned roads and a drainage maintenance program.

Proven skills in communicating, negotiating, networking and problem solving will help me to identify local concerns and bring them to the Council table to find positive solutions as well as negotiating with members on State and Federal levels for additional funding.

I am keen to continue the successful work achieved thus far and create future opportunities to ensure value for the community, securing job and business opportunities for the district.

Port WardCouncillor Ray Brown

Mobile: 0419 953 198

I have lived in the region since 1970. I have served on many committees, usually in a lead role, and value volunteers and groups and committees that provide support and activities for others.

I am passionate that infrastructure, buildings, roads, footpaths and drains are properly maintained.

Social and work isolation is an issue in Port Ward and I will work hard to address this problem. I support improved sporting facilities and small business. I have a reputation for getting things done and will continue to do so across the community. Our towns are growing, so appropriate facilities must also grow.


Ranges Ward

Councillor Brett Owen

Mobile: 0418 993 370

Having spent my entire life living in Cardinia Shire, I am passionate about our community. As a serving police officer and a father of young children, I have an active interest in contributing to the community and ensuring that Ranges Ward is a great place to live and raise a family.

My priorities include: community safety, youth services, access for all, support for environmental programs, improved recreational facilities and funding for new footpaths.

I will continue to be an advocate for open and transparent local government and provide residents of Ranges Ward with a strong voice on Council.

Ranges Wardalt=" "

Mobile: 0427 135 879

As a resident of Cockatoo for over 25 years and having raised my family here, I care about our communities and understand the importance of retaining the unique character of our rural townships whilst managing the needs of our growth communities.

My priorities include: supporting business, particularly in the tourism sector; continually improving how communities are consulted and engaged; and, advocating for improved services and facilities in all townships.

We have strong volunteer numbers in our townships and I will continue to support and assist community groups and individuals to reach their goals.


Central Ward

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Mobile: 0418 130 851

I have lived in Pakenham since 1979, and I’m the mother of three adult children.

I had a working background over 40 years in mental health, disability and aged care, social work and case management.

My priories are: advocating for a safer community; improving infrastructure; upgrading roads, footpaths and public transport options; providing more accessible services for mental health, drug and alcohol abuse; addressing the needs of our residents with a disability, our seniors and youth; keeping rates affordable; and encouraging new business which will generate employment opportunities.


Central Ward

Councillor Colin Ross

Mobile: 0402 420 398

I am a family man with four children and a mortgage and have lived and worked in Pakenham for over 20 years. My main aim is to make rate increases affordable and meet the needs of the community.

I am excited to be leading Council in its second year. Having already laid the groundwork and developing a clear direction over the past 12 months, we'll now be working toward achieve our key objectives over the next three years.

My priorities are: affordable rates, community safety, support the McGregor Rd crossing rebuild, reduce debt, improve bus services, increase employment, support services for youth and seniors, tough action on graffiti, maintain parks and gardens, improve internet/phone services.

I am an independent vote on issues before Council and will keep the promises I make.


Central WardCouncillor Jodie Owen

Mobile: 0427 294 893

Cardinia Shire is a wonderful place to live; I intend to help make it a better place to also work, be educated and participate in a variety of leisure activities.

Sport is strongly supported; I want to see that other passions are also catered for. With a diverse population, it is vital we support all members of our community.

In reviewing planning applications I will use my academic qualifications, giving consideration to access and inclusion issues, for the betterment of the community. I understand that I was elected by the community, and it is community I will be focused on.

Central WardCouncillor Michael Schilling

Mobile: 0418 845 798

I have lived in Pakenham all of my adult life. I have a background in healthcare, and believe passionately in looking after the welfare of all residents.

My areas of interest include: preventative health care, disability access, social inclusion and ensuring Cardinia Shire has the right social infrastructure to cater for a growing population.

I am accessible to all residents, and a strong representative for our local community. Please contact me if you have any issues you would like to discuss.

To view 2016 election results for Cardinia Shire Council go to the Victorian Electoral Commission website

Election donation summary 2016

Election donation summary 2016

Candidate Person making gift Amount
BROWN, Ray NA No disclosable gift
CHATWIN, Ed NA No disclosable gift
CHRISTIE, Jesse NA No disclosable gift
LEGGE, Graeme Colvin NA No disclosable gift
LEMPRIERE, Kate NA No disclosable gift
MONIS, Mahidiya Hassan Zaher $200
  Nemat Bostan $100
  Sajjad Askary $470
  Yasamen Monis $250
MOORE, Graeme NA No disclosable gift
MURNANE, Monica NA No disclosable gift
NICKELL, David NA No disclosable gift
OWEN, Brett Gavin Night $200 (in kind)
  Edward Owen $300 (in kind)
OWEN, Jodie Michael Richards $500
PHILLIPS, David NA No disclosable gift
ROSS, Collin NA No disclosable gift
RYAN, Carol NA No disclosable gift
SCHILLING, Michael Australian Greens, Victoria $721.90
SHERMAN, Richard NA No disclosable gift
SPRINGFIELD, Jeff NA No disclosable gift
SUNJIDA, Shoheli Farooq Ahsan $2,500
VAN GRAMBERG, Vanessa Marie NA No disclosable gift
WILMOT, Leticia NA No disclosable gift
YOUNG, David NA No disclosable gift